Vermont Zombie Feet
About The Film

The concept of car shopping literally turning people into zombies was too hard to pass up and, so began the H-Team’s commercial campaign “saving you from car shopping zombification”.

To date we’ve dressed in drag while dancing the Time Warp, birthed Charlie Hagar as a fully grown man, even painted our entire bodies green...all with a deep respect for our customers and without bogus offers or manipulation. But when Zombies went out on the VT airwaves the overwhelming response made us realize we had something bigger on our hands.

In the spirit of more love films, Green Mountain Z is about a community, the community of zombie lovers and haters. Vermont, nay the world, is in the death grip of the zombie craze and we wanted to know WHY! The answers surprised us. This film pays tribute to the community of intelligent, creative, if not a little crazy VT zombie lovers. Share it, talk about it, tell us you love it or think it’s stupid!

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